One of the more popular link build strategies that are used by SEO specialists is building PBNs (Private blog networks). You can see a lot of PBNs that are hosted on private servers and using aged domain names. With the proper set-up, such as using the right PBN hosting service, a network of these websites can be quite profitable and have a high return on investment. However, Google does not sanction the use of PBNs, so there is some risk involved with the use of it. If for example, Google detects the same IP address used by multiple different PBNs, then they may de-index those websites from searches, which could waste all of the time and money that you have invested in it.


Are PBNs still worth it?

Using a PBN, you will have more control over how your money site or your client’s website will rank on searches. You have complete power of what the anchor text of the links is, and when and where the links go to or come in. This means that you can easily adapt your content to adjust to any of the changes that Google makes. You can even reverse-engineer the search engine changes that Google makes using backlinks on your PBNs.

The instant authority that you get from using an aged domain also has got a lot of value. You can use the authority of your aged domain name to leverage a lot of weight. With the right domain name in your PBN, you can have a huge impact on the ranking of your money website.

It is also much easier building an outreach network if you used PBNs. You can do it by yourself, which is advantageous because it is both quicker and much more convenient.

Aside from the pbn hosting reviews that you will pay for there are a bunch of other things that you will need to spend on your PBN as well. These other factors can make or break whether or not hosting and maintaining PBNs can be profitable.

Web Hosting Plans

Money Investment

Maintaining the hosting of PBNs can be expensive. This is mainly because you are going to be hosting quite a lot of them, especially if you want to increase the ranking of your money website. However, there are also numerous options for hosting that are much cheaper. So if you play your cards right, those cheap hosting solutions could significantly lower the costs of running and maintaining multiple numbers of PBNs. You may want to look into the cheaper types of servers because it could make it more affordable and therefore practical, to host a large number of PBNs on them.


Investment of Time

Aside from the money that you are investing in a maintaining a PBN, it can also take a lot of time to maintain one as well. Even finding the right domain names for your PBNs can be a huge time sink. Most of the domain names that you can find are not worthy to be purchased. You also will need to spend a lot of time to create content that looks good so that Google will not detect it. You also have got to design and create the layout of your PBN as well. Both the design and content of your PBN has got to be good if you want your money website to have a higher rank.


What are the cheapest options for PBN hosting?

Your cheapest options for servers are either shared or SEO hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest one that is readily available for most people. This hosting service is very cheap because you are sharing your IP address and server space with several other websites. So the cost of one server is split amongst those who are paying for the service. Buying shared hosting can cost as little as a dollar per month. A little bit more expensive than shared hosting, but still very cheap is SEO hosting. With SEO hosting, it is much safer because you can assign different c-class IP addresses to each of your websites on your PBN. This means that your websites are much safer from getting de-indexed of Google.

Obviously, there are a lot of risks involved with getting a cheap hosting service for your PBNs. First of all, Google could easily detect your PBNs and then remove them from searches. In those cases, it is just much wiser to abandon your PBNs. And second of all, downtime can also be an issue with cheap hosting solutions. If your website is down a lot, it could also affect your search ranking.

Hosting Your PBN Sites

Read reviews of the hosting company

To find a hosting solution that would make it cheaper to maintain PBNs, you will need to read reviews about the hosting companies. Sure, the hosting service that is offered can impact how well your PBN works, but the quality of service of the hosting company can count just as much. For example, it may be a good idea to stick to the services of a hosting company that has got a good track record, superb technical support, offers useful features, and has got high-quality IP addresses. With the help of a hosting company that has got those services, it will be much easier to ensure that your PBNs are safer.


The value of a hosting service will depend on the type of PBNs that you want to create and how large of a network that you want to build. With the right factors, and if you practice enough safety guidelines, paying for the services of a cheap PBN hosting service could be more than worth it. You have got to maintain a clean record for your website’s IP address so that Google does not de-index any of your websites. You have got to make sure that the type of PBN hosting service that you use is safe and on top of that affordable as well. Otherwise, as long as you are careful, then it is worth investing in an affordable PBN hosting service.