Improve Your YouTube Videos

Videos are a powerful tool for marketing yachts.  They provide visual engagement with the potential buyer that ‘s hard to replicate anywhere else except in person.  Whether it is a professionally shot and edited film or a single tour shot on a cell phone, video can improve your marketing.

YouTube is by far the largest video-sharing website and an easy and efficient way to distribute your video content.  However, many people sharing videos on YouTube are missing some significant opportunities to engage potential clients better.  Here are three easy tips to improve your YouTube videos:

1. Include Descriptions

Include Descriptions YouTube Videos

Descriptions are a critical part of your content on YouTube for several reasons.  First, they give you the opportunity to include a clear, concise call to action.  Olympic…someone is watching your video! What do you want them to do next? Visit your website? Call your office? What? By including a call to action in the first sentence of your YouTube description, you ensure that it is visible to the viewer while they are watching the video on Youtube.  HINT, you can include a URL in the description, and it will automatically convert itself to a link.

Second, the description is the only content, besides the video title, that YouTube and Google can use to identify what your video is about.  This is crucial for connecting with people through search.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  Video results in the main search results page on Google continue to increase in number and prominence.  The content you include in the description sends the signal as to what your video is relevant to.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! It doesn’t matter that this is unique content.  Simply reuse the official description from your listing and make sure you include the make, model and year of the vessel at least 2X.

2. Use Your Own YouTube Channel

Your Own YouTube Channel

Too many times I see people have paid to have video content produced and the videos are uploaded to the YouTube channel of the company that did the work.  When the person was watching the video clicks to see other videos on this channel, they see the other videos from this company instead of the other videos from YOURS.  Instead of showcasing some of the other boats you have available the customer might be exposed to other brokers or irrelevant content.

If you are paying to have, a video made make sure you get an original copy of the video file and upload it to your own YouTube channel.

3. Embed Before You Share

Embed Before You Share

Part of the value of YouTube is the ease with which you can share videos.  Another part of the cost is the ease with which you can embed videos into your website.  Before you share a video on Facebook or via email, take a minute to embed that video in a page on your site.  Then share that page.

YouTube gets enough traffic on its own; you don’t need to be driving more traffic to their site.  Plus, all good things happen on your website.  If you get a person on your site to watch a video, it is easy for them to view your other boats for sale, contact you, etc.  A “blog” set up using WordPress is an easy way to embed video content that any non-technical person can figure out.

So, keep producing videos but be smart about how you do it.  You will be amazed to see the results you can accomplish.