internet filtering for our kids

Do we need kids internet filtering? Do you know how frequent your children access the internet? But do you think they are using the internet safely? If not, how do you keep them safe when they access the internet?

Indeed, these are some of the intriguing questions parents of a 6-year old boy, for instance, should occasionally ask themselves. Most of the children at this age are already introduced to the internet and can access the parents’ tablets and laptops.

Here is everything you would want to know about internet filtering and how you could keep your child safe when using the internet.

What is internet filtering?

internet filtering

Internet filtering entails screening all incoming web pages to ascertain whether they are safe for display to the user.

The internet filters will establish the origin and content of the web pages being accessed by the children.

What options do you have as a parent?

If you are sharing your laptop or smartphone with your kids, kindly ensure that you restrict access to some of your User accounts. Also, enable safe modes on search engines before giving the child your Android phone.

Also, many software programs can help with the internet filtering processes.

Safe Search for Kids application: This software strictly filters Google content to ensure that they are right for your child’s consumption. YouTube Kids app that you can use to filter contents that are more appropriate for children. Parental control software will also help in creating supervised user accounts for kids when browsing. The software allows you to limit the websites your child can access, and of course remaining updated on their online habits. The Remote Notification and Management software. One of the parental control application I would recommend to every parent. This application will enable you to get email or text notifications in case your kid is trying to access blocked websites.

What's the best Internet filter

So, why the internet filters?

Undoubtedly, the internet age has made parenting a rather daunting task. Every parent needs every possible help to help keep their kids safe when online. Any little guarantee that your child will be safe online is welcoming, right?

Thus, internet filters will help you to limit the possibility of your kids accessing some of the nasty online contents and online predators.

Moreover, internet filtering will reduce the likelihood of unsuitable contacts that jeopardize the proper security of your child. The filters also enable the parents to keep up with the children’s activities using the parental control software.

However, there are certain common online sites such as Facebook that you can find it hard to filter some of the explicit content. As a parent, you can act as the filter by blocking certain Facebook pages and individual users in your timeline that are likely to post contents that are not child-friendly.

Overall, it is advisable to talk to your kids about how they can safely access the internet as soon as they start browsing. Educating them on the safe online behavior might just be the solution here.

Your kids’ safety should be your primary concern, and filtering the internet will help in protecting them from illegal contents such as original web pages.