What is your ideal source of happiness? How do I achieve my desired level of happiness?

source of happiness

Without a doubt, every individual has varied ways of defining what they think makes them happy. To some people, happiness is derived from material things they have. Those fancy cars, the expensive dinner parties and everything that life can buy is perceived as ideal sources of joy.

Now what?

However, you probably did not know this, but the level of satisfaction on material things diminishes with time. Well, now you know. Have you ever wonder why occasionally think of replacing that car you just bought last month?

What of fancy clothes from Dubai, will you still need them after winter or on your next abroad? The chances are that you will want to replace the materials things you have with new ones every time an opportunity suffice.


These are some of the indications that the happiness we derive from those material things we fancy is only temporary. Professor Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University agrees that satisfaction level for materials wealth tends to decrease with time.

For example, I bought 52-inch TV set last month. It was probably the best thing ever at that time. I spent every free time playing video games with my buddies on it. But then, when my neighbor bought 72-inch TV, I immediately became bored with mine which I viewed as mediocre.

Now, did my happiness with the material thing (52-inch TV) last? Definitely no, because I subsequently derived a decreasing amount of satisfaction from it. I am currently thinking of upgrading it.

So how should you spend your money?

You should rather spend my money on the experience, rather than on diminishing material wealth such as cars. I know this may sound absurd to those who define happiness by material things. Ever think of spending it on joy? I know the question that you must be asking is what is this happiness we are talking about and how is it related to traveling. Well, I will answer you.

how should you spend your money

Traveling experiences and happiness

Imagine of a fascinating trip to the Bahamas or the African Congo wild. I bet will not grow tired of the good memories. In fact, every time you think of such experiences, you will become happier.

You cannot equate any material wealth to the pleasure you will derive from a visit to the magnificent city of Buenos Aires or the enchanting town of Milan.

Traveling experiences and happiness

Travelling brings about:

Pure pleasure and intense sensation of trying new things Pure challenge and an inherent sense of achievement Pure meaning to particular social dynamics
The experiences you receive from traveling will probably stay with you for a very long time. You will probably narrate more about your experiences in the African wild to your grandchildren than you would about that IPad your son bought you three weeks ago. All these nostalgic feelings are invaluable compared to material wealth.

So, why would you rather spend your money on material wealth? Splash your money on an amazing travel experience and remain happier for the rest of your life. You will treasure the memories you will get from traveling as viable sources of joy.